Porcelain Enamels

Colorobbia Enamel is the Colorobbia Italia division that produces frits for porcelain enamel, glass enamels and inorganic pigments for steel and cast iron linings used in household items such as boilers, bathtubs, kitchen and electrical appliances, as well as technical applications for industrial use such as heat exchangers for electrical power plants and chemical reactors.

The Colorobbia Italia research and development department formulates various porcelain enamels using different types of frits obtained by melting high quality raw materials such as inorganic oxides, oxidising agents and other chemical agents.

The continuous search for innovative products, advanced production automation, the careful implementation of processes and strict quality testing beginning from the raw materials used, allows us to provide innovative enamels of the highest quality.

The Colorobbia Group’s global presence with 29 affiliate companies and offices located worldwide, ensures a capillary technical service able to respond to client demands through innovative technological solutions and prompt, personalised remedies.

Moreover, our expert sales and technical teams are able to respond to clients’ most important needs, including:

  • Reduced production waste
  • Improved quality of production
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • Development of personalised products designed to improve production efficiency
  • Support in relation to national and international standards and regulations
  • Targeted research into the development of new products with high added value

The Colorobbia Porcelain Enamels division also relies on the support of the Ce.Ri.Col. Research Centre (www.colorobbiaconsulting.it) located in Italy, which boasts a large portfolio of technologically advanced tools for the analysis of production materials and technical assistance centres.

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