Colorobbia proactively responds to the evolution of the market, which is increasingly attentive to environmental issues and production methods, whereby companies are now expected to adopt sustainable development criteria geared toward environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

Environment and workplace safety

Since the early ‘80s, the Group has worked with an in-house unit dedicated exclusively to the study of environmental issues and workplace safety. This unit is presided over by at least one manager or works in consultation with a local committee to manage the activities of every facility both in Italy and abroad. Each production department appoints specialised resources with specific monitoring and control tasks to support these specific figures.

Regulatory monitoring

For each environmental sector of interest, a qualified figure has been identified and is responsible for updating, evaluating and issuing guidelines for the implementation of sector-specific regulations. This procedure guarantees the continuous updating of EU, national and regional legislation regarding the environment, industrial safety and product safety.

Active participation

Colorobbia also actively participates in initiatives promoted by various trade associations, both in Italy and in each country where it has operations offices, with its own representatives and supported by Colorobbia knowledge and technology.