Colorobbia Thai Co. LTD (Thailandia)

Colorobbia Thai is a subsidiary of the Colorobbia Group, a dynamic and multinational firm founded in Italy in 1921, later becoming one of the largest producers of ceramic materials with production plants located all around the world.

We founded the company in 1989 in Bangkok, Thailand, and in 2013 we moved to the WHA Saraburi Industrial Land in the province of Saraburi, to allow further expansion and be closer to our clients, offering improved service and support. Colorobbia, through Colorobbia Thai, is able to offer its clients in Thailand, Myanmar and Southeast Asia more complete technical assistance, project support and technological consultancy services.

Colorobbia Thai is always available to help its clients choose the best materials according to the technology and application that will be used, and the desired technical and aesthetic results.

Our research and development team is in regular contact with the central Colorobbia Italia laboratory, offering our clients the best products and designs in line with their specific needs.

Our facilities work with a mutual vision, in line with an international product management mission, allowing us to continually assess all customer support tools, thus guaranteeing international competitiveness.

40/4 Moo4, WHA Saraburi, Tumbon Bualoy, Amphur Nongkae, Saraburi

Phone: +66 36 373 434
Fax: +66 36 373 435

Colorobbia Thai: solutions

The Colorobbia Group operates worldwide and specialises in the study, production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry.


Reliability, soundness, service and quality are Colorobbia’s most distinctive traits. The aim is to keep satisfying every single client, regardless of where they are.

Research & Development

To be client consultants for new projects, for the study of new engobes/glazes for new projects, or the development of new products to meet client demands.


Create and develop new projects with new effects. Offer consultancy to develop client ideas.

Technical assistance

Propose the substitution of engobes/glazes/new materials; frits, pigments, inks etc. for more economical products or high-end products to satisfy client needs. Identify solutions to help clients solve production problems or reduce costs. Our aim is to ensure the international competitiveness of our clients.

Sales assistance

Identify new products and new effects to fulfil client expectations.