Colorobbia manufactures a broad range of frits from its modern production plants, applying expert knowledge to its manufacturing processes with advanced technical solutions that maximise energy efficiency and minimise emissions.

The quality of Colorobbia frits is guaranteed by the stringent selection and control of raw materials, in addition to strict testing and inspections on the finished product.

This offer by Colorobbia also includes all types of finishes developed according to client specifications. These glass matrices are mainly used to produce glazes and compounds.

The Colorobbia Group offers a broad range of different frits to suit a variety of sectors:

The finishes and types of surfaces requested in the ceramics sector are highly varied and include: gloss or opaque, opaque or transparent, high traffic, coloured, metallic, iridescent gloss, etc…

Colorobbia offers a broad range of ceramic frits, all designed with the aim of adding technological value and/or improving the visual appeal of our clients’ products.

Colorobbia classifies its family of ceramic frits according to the following types:

  • Opaque frits
  • Transparent frits
  • Matt frits
  • Frits for engobes
  • Frits for ceramic bodies
  • Special frits (reactive, fluxes…)

Colorobbia offers an extremely vast array of ceramic frits and glazes to cover a broad range of temperatures, thus offering solutions adapted to all types of technology.

  • Third and fourth fire decorative processes
  • Rapid double-firing
  • Porous single-fired
  • Single-fired
  • Glazed porcelain stoneware
  • Technical porcelain stoneware

Colorobbia offers a broad selection of frits developed for use in the decoration of flat and hollow (container) glass for various heat treatments between 500-800 C.

We offer a broad range of frits for the abrasives sectors (in particular, fluxed and bonding frits). Made using high quality raw materials that can be used in various applications with temperatures ranging from 700 C to 1300 C.

A broad range of frits specifically developed to respond to the needs of the building sector (bricks, tiles, etc.)

A broad range of frits specifically designed to satisfy the needs of galvanized and aluminised steel sheet linings (used in electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, etc.)

We offer a broad range of special frits for use in traditional and artistic ceramics (majolica, porcelain, reactive, etc.)

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The Colorobbia Group operates worldwide and specialises in the study, production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry.