Digital Space

Colorobbia Digital Space is the Colorobbia brand featuring a broad range of products for digital decoration and glazing:

C-Inks, the ink series characterised by high stability and excellent colour rendering.

C-Glazes Digital, the family composed of products necessary for the preparation of water-based glazes with properties suited to the new high-output digital glazing machines currently available in the market for full field glazing and to create thicknesses and decorations.

C-Grits Digital, special grits and micro-grits that allow innovative designs and surface finishes with high technical and functional characteristics.

Through this series, Colorobbia proposes integrated solutions that combine aesthetic design, inks, glazes and other materials, while also offering the exclusive ability to integrate and manage all of the above within its industrial processes, thus guaranteeing an unbeatable service in terms of speed and excellence.

The brand offers all clients consolidated and expert knowledge of the production process, which spans from the careful processing of the base materials to the obtainment of the final product, combined with utmost efforts to operate in respect of the environment and personal health and safety, thus representing one of the company’s added values, making the Colorobbia Digital Space offer complete, flexible, efficient and continuously evolving.

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