Colorobbia Ege Kimya SAN A.S. (Turchia)

Colorobbia Türkiye specialises in the production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry. Colorobbia Türkiye is an affiliate company of the Colorobbia Group, a leading Italian company in the international ceramics market for almost a century.

Colorobbia Türkiye  produces and markets materials used in the production of ceramic tiles and in the glass sector. The company’s offices and manufacturing facility is in Izmir, with a laboratory in Bozüyük, boasting a consolidated history and experience in the production of ceramics.

Colorobbia Türkiye offers clients the necessary support and assistance through its qualified personnel, not only in regards to the use and application of materials, but also the design and industrialisation of the finished product.

Thanks to a vast business network, allowing ongoing communication between our company and its clients, Colorobbia Türkiye aims to transform the relationship with its suppliers into a business partnership in real terms, creating added value for both parties in a long-term collaboration.

Colorobbia Türkiye, which works in close collaboration with the group’s branches worldwide, offers ceramics companies in the Turkish market a unique range of products and services as well as leading edge production technologies, innovative materials and latest design trends for their clients.

Administrative Headquarters & Production site
ITOB Organize Sanayi Bolgesi
10010.Sokak No:12
35477 Menderes-IZMIR-TURKIYE

Phone: +90 232 799 0 467
Fax: +90 232 799 0 465

Laboratories & Sales office
Yeni Mah. Aziz Usta Sokak No:30 BB No:3-4
11300 Bozuyuk-BILECIK- TURKIYE
+90 228 315 15 44

Colorobbia Ege Kimya: solutions

The Colorobbia Group operates worldwide and specialises in the study, production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry.


Reliability, soundness, service and quality are Colorobbia’s most distinctive traits. The aim is to keep satisfying every single client, regardless of where they are.

Research & Development

The research and development lab, the technical assistance department and the organisational structure have been designed and created according to the Colorobbia philosophy, geared toward an international vision of production and research. The main objective is based on the notion of client satisfaction, seeking to satisfy their needs in relation to global market trends.


Colorobbia Türkiye is up to step with all the latest worldwide trends and designs ceramic tiles on behalf of its clients. Thanks to the continuous flow of information from the manufacturing facilities in Italy and Spain, Colorobbia Türkiye is able to develop projects suited to both the national and international market.

Technical assistance

The company’s technical assistance staff has extensive experience in the Turkish ceramics sector and is in constant communication with the technicians and researchers of Colorobbia Italia and Colorobbia Espaňa. The organisation is able to provide flexible support for the development and industrialisation of new products and offer solutions to technical problems.

Sales assistance

The Colorobbia sales department, together with the technical assistance department, analyses market trends in order to plan new project developments and increase the sales opportunities of clients, sending clients regular reports prepared by Colorobbia Italia. These reports offer an insight into the latest market trends, choices and preferences.