Colorobbia Portugal Industria Ceramica Lda (Portogallo)

Active in the Portuguese ceramics market since 1974 through a local representative, Colorobbia Portugal was officially founded in 1986 as part of the Colorobbia Group, a global player in the ceramics industry since 1921.

Colorobbia Portugal produces and markets materials used in the industrial production of ceramics. The company is located in Anadia, in the heart of the largest and most populated ceramics district in Portugal and operates nationwide with its logistics and technical assistance service.

Colorobbia Portugal is a company that offers turnkey solutions, supporting and servicing clients through its own expert and qualified staff, not only in regards to the use and application of materials, but also the industrialisation and decoration of the finished product.

In direct collaboration with the Spanish and Italian headquarters and other branches worldwide, Colorobbia Portugal offers a unique range of products and services to the Portuguese ceramics market, as well as state-of-the-art production technologies, innovative materials and latest design trends.

Zona Industrial de Alféloas
3780-290 Anadia

Phone: +351 231510160
Fax: +351 231510169

Colorobbia Portugal Industria Ceramica: solutions

The Colorobbia Group operates worldwide and specialises in the study, production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry.


Reliability, soundness, service and quality are Colorobbia’s most distinctive traits. The aim is to keep satisfying every single client, regardless of where they are.

Research & Development

Colorobbia Portugal works from highly equipped laboratories, staffed by highly specialised and trained personnel, providing its clients with the best possible service for the design and industrialisation of their product. Moreover, continuous liaison with the Colorobbia Italia and Colorobbia Espaňa research and development labs guarantees the continuous and rapid transfer of leading edge technologies and materials to the Portuguese market.


Colorobbia Portugal is up to step with all the latest worldwide trends and designs ceramic tiles on behalf of its clients. Thanks to the continuous flow of information from the manufacturing facilities in Italy and Spain, Colorobbia Portugal is able to develop projects suited to both the national and international market, in line with latest market trends.

Technical assistance

The high-quality service provided by the Colorobbia Portugal technical assistance department is guaranteed by qualified and highly trained personnel, in constant communication with the technicians and researchers of Colorobbia Italia and Espaňa. Our company is therefore a provider of solutions for the ceramics industry, offering the necessary support for the development and industrialisation of new products and identifying solutions for any technical issues.

Sales assistance

Through its sales network, Colorobbia Portugal, insofar as part of a global group, is able to transfer directly to the Portuguese market all technological information received from Italy and Spain, two of the most influential markets in the ceramics industry.