Colorobbia España S.A. (Spain)

Colorobbia Espaňa was founded in 1988, and over the years has become one of the largest facilities in the world for the production of frits, pigments and other products for the ceramics and glass industry.

The study and use of only the best raw materials, the application of strict controls and technological foresight allows us to offer a broad range of products with high added value and specialised assistance to our clients.

The key to our success is the research and innovation invested into our technology and products, thus allowing us to acquire extensive knowledge of the best technical solutions, always with a view toward continuous improvement.

The DNA of our company is its people. Highly qualified professionals, connected with all members of the Colorobbia Group, ensures the acquisition of extensive technical, scientific and design know-how.

Our goal is to reach and maintain leadership status in the industry, creating added value together with our stakeholders.

This objective has important implications in our management model, our corporate culture and company ethics, given we have assumed a long-term commitment with the environment, our society and the law, both national and international.

Carretera CV-160, Km. 16’3
12192 VILAFAMÉS (Castellón) – España

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Colorobbia España: solutions

The Colorobbia Group operates worldwide and specialises in the study, production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry.


Reliability, soundness, service and quality are Colorobbia’s most distinctive traits. The aim is to keep satisfying every single client, regardless of where they are.

Research & Development

Research and development is a key factor within our company. Our work is based on respect for the environment and people, in addition to efficient processes through technology 4.0, which improve our competitiveness and productivity. We collaborate with numerous scientific centres with the aim of creating community awareness.


Our design department, always up to step with latest trends, materials and finished products, allows us to offer a broad range of custom graphics for different markets and all types of applications, from traditional ceramic design to the more innovative digital type.

Technical assistance

The Colorobbia help technicians, specialised in different ceramic techniques, processes and machinery, true to their commitment to continuous improvement, provides support for the development and industrialisation of new products and the resolution of technical problems, from graphics to the activation of the production process.

Sales assistance

Our sales assistance service, in continuous communication with the broader Colorobbia Group sales network, and thanks to its extensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of the markets in which it operates, both on a national and international level, offers a broad range of products that satisfy the specific needs of each client, while also fulfilling regulatory requirements.


Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced tools for the analysis of raw materials, the final product and processes. These tools are tested and calibrated to guarantee their perfect operation. Our modern testing techniques and the high-level qualification and experience of our technicians are a guarantee of their excellent work.

Chemical analysis

Colorobbia Espaňa, an advocate of innovation and specialisation, equips its laboratories with the most technologically advanced tools for the in-depth analysis of materials of various nature and origin, final products and processes. These tools offer us valuable knowledge and allow us to obtain important know-how.

Environmental analysis

Our commitment to the environment is manifested through the continuous study and application of the best available technology for the formulation of our products, and the optimisation of processes. Our responsibility is reflected in our continuous respect for the natural environment, based on sustainable economic and ecological development.


The quality management system has forever represented a key factor of excellence and continuous improvement. As an authorised economic operator, the company is well established in terms of safety and good practices within the international supply chain. This is testimony to our reliability, excellence and guarantee of safety.

Energy efficiency

Our engineering department develops projects for technological improvement, focused on increased efficiency through the development of processes that minimise energy consumption, increase production and optimise all resources, with the primary aim of improving management efficiency and thus competitiveness.