NEOGRITS COLLECTION is the new naming for the COLOROBBIA grits range, which allows its clients to create standout products and to obtain unique performance levels with respect to other alternatives available in the market. It offers multiple solutions to satisfy all needs, proposing a range of selectable grain sizes depending on the application technology used and the desired result.

These grits and their combinations (grit mixes) can be used in the development of different products, among which mirror finishes (full polish), stones, concretes, sugar-effects, metallic decorations, coloured flash dots, high-transit floors and anti-slip tiles, which nowadays are very much demanded for both the outdoors and indoors.

In addition to traditional applications (wet and dry), dry digital applications are becoming more and more present in the market. They allow to enrich surfaces, create micro-reliefs, combine different materials and also to make the decoration process more economic. With this aim in mind, Colorobbia cooperates with the main equipment manufacturers and technology producers, and has an active role in testing and implementing new solutions at industrial level.

Colorobbia, true to its commitment to protect the environment and forever attentive to the health and safety of its employees and clientes, continue to pursue its policy of constant improvement, focusing on the reduction of emissions, waste and residue, minimisation of the use of hazardous substances.