The range of pigments used to colour ceramic glazes.

These pigments, in order to ascertain their quality and stability, are tested in different bases and firing conditions, applied in variable percentages depending on the characteristics of the pigment itself.

The choice of stable crystalline structures and checking of the grain size distribution curves helps optimise the colorimetric characteristics.

This type of pigment is characterised by its high performance and excellent behaviour with all types of glazes, thanks to its easy dispersion.

Body pigments are developed to colour slips both by direct insertion in the grain and using ball mills.

This range is produced in accordance with very precise and strict standards of control. The characteristics specifically monitored include: grain size, colorimetric values, firing stability, homogeneity of powders. The broad range makes it possible to create all shades and efficiently respond to the latest market and decorating trends.

The entire range is produced with a special focus on the grain size, fluidity and dry dispersion capacity, avoiding the formation of lumps and agglomerates. This type of pigment has been tested with the new dry colouring systems produced by various manufacturers.

These pigments can be used in any type of body, guaranteeing fluidity and the absence of lumps, with consistent colouring.

As part of these products, Colorobbia has developed the new 7×7 series, resulting from the need – particularly in the production of large tiles and slabs – to improve mechanical resistance during the manufacturing process. This type of pigment makes it possible to increase the percentage of pigment used without altering the mechanical resistance of the pieces, thus obtaining more intense shades.

The range of tints used to colour glazes for sanitaryware offers a high level of reliability and repeatability, in various conditions of use, thus ensuring high performance in terms of:
ease of dispersion in glazes, resistance to long firing cycles, resistance to high temperatures, tolerance to second firing without alterations of the colour and surface.

The series of inorganic pigments ideal for colouring paints and glazes for metals. These pigments are ideal for colouring liquid and powder glazes used in electrostatic painting.

The PG1one range of inorganic pigments for plastics and paints, characterised by durability, solidity and resistance to temperature, weather, light, time and chemical agents, but also synonymous with ease of use and sustainability.

Our inorganic pigments guarantee reliable quality, consistent behaviour and utmost efficacy, thus ensuring the best colour results for our clients.

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